Accreditations & Products

Accreditations & Products

Wax N Vax are highly regarded in the car detailing car and valeting community, a testament to this is the number of Accreditations that are held and the wide range of products that can be used. The following companies have all endorsed Wax N Vax and are proud that their products are being used in a professional and skilled manner. Click on any of the company logos below to visit their site, and you will find Wax N Vax are shown as an accredited on the applicable pages.

Swissvax Logo

Wax N Vax is a Swissvax Authorised Detailer for South Yorkshire. Swissvax is the Wax N Vax product of choice for premier detailing solutions.

Autobrite Logo

Wax N Vax is an Authorised Detailer and Valeter with Autobrite.

LTT Solutions Logo

LTT Solutions produce a wide range of specialist leather care products, and further specialise in Vehicle Detailing Products

Professional Valeters & Detailers Logo

Members have to meet a range of criteria in order to be associated with PVD, including appropriate insurance, a proven track record and satisfied clients.

Auto Finesse Logo

Wax N Vax is a Auto Finesse Authorised Detailer for South Yorkshire.

Nanolex Logo

Wax N Vax is a Nanolex Approved Detailer.

Auto Glym Logo

Wax N Vax is a Autoglym Trained & Certified Valeter.

Koch Chemie Logo

Wax N Vax is a Koch Chemie Certified Detailer.

Auto Finesse Logo

Wax N Vax is an approved Alloy Gator fitter.


All of the car detailing, car valeting and car washing products Wax N Vax use are carefully selected from the industry’s leading manufacturers and have undergone rigorous testing. Where applicable, all products are selected to respect your vehicle, increasing durability on all surfaces while allowing maximum pleasure from the results.

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