• Is Wax N Wax Valeting a franchise?

    No Wax N Vax is not a franchise it is purely owned by myself Simon Clarke. I started the business due to a passion for producing vehicles that have been prepared to a high standard of detail and I work alone so that every vehicle I detail or valet gets my undivided attention.

  • Do I need to book?

    Yes we require your vehicle to be booked in, We are not a hand car wash centre and all customers are required to make an appointment.

  • Working Hours?

    We work seven days a week and in summer months work until dusk.

  • What if weather is bad?

    If it is raining on the day of your appointment an alternative booking can be made to suit you. If it is only light showers with no wind we carry a commercial gazebo.

  • Do you carry your own water and electricity?

    We have water on board, and a 50m extension cable to connect to an electricity supply. This enables us to work at your home, work place or office car park (club, social, golf, health etc).

  • Are you insured?

    Wax N Vax are fully insured for both £1m Public Liability and £1m accidental damage.

  • Do you use acid or harmful chemicals?

    No, all of the products and chemicals we use are from the industry’s leading manufacturers and have undergone rigorous testing before allowed on the open market. The products we use are PH controlled detergents and citrus based cleaners combined with fine waxes and polishes which are reflected in our prices.

    We leave the acid based products to the less reputable hand car wash centres who charge less because they are not concerned about your repeat business.

  • What it the difference between polish and wax?

    Polish is a blend of oils that are absorbed by the paint in the same way your skin would absorb a moisturiser. The polish will create a deep wet look gloss but offer no protection.

    Wax works more as a sealant to protect your finish by forming a thin protective barrier on top of the paintwork.

  • How far do you travel?

    We are based in Barnsley South Yorkshire and work within a 25 mile radius of S73 but will travel anywhere in the country at an additional cost of 30p per mile.