Stage 3: Correct

Stage 3: Correct

The Correct detail is designed to resolve underlying issue with paintwork, returning your car as close as possible to a showroom condition.

Stage 3: Correct Detail

  • Citrus pre wash applied to wheels and lower half of vehicle, then rinsed at high pressure
  • Engine Bay cleaned & finished with none silicone dressing
  • Clean wheels using a PH Neutral gel
  • Wheel arches pressure washed and dressed
  • PH snow foam applied and left to dwell, then rinsed at high pressure
  • Vehicle washed using two bucket method, with PH neutral shampoo
  • iron-X used to remove any metal contamination
  • Tar deposits removed
  • Rinse off vehicle
  • Claybar vehicle paint and glass to remove bonded contaminants
  • Dry vehicle with ultra soft microfibre drying towels
  • Paintwork inspected with 3M Sungun
  • Paint thickness measured using paint thickness gauge
  • Multi-stage machine polish to remove swirls, holograms and imperfections
  • High Grade Carnauba Wax applied to all painted surfaces, or Professional Grade Paint Sealant applied to all painted work
  • Polish wheels and seal with PTFE/Wax/Sealant coating
  • Dress Tyres
  • Exterior rubber and plastic trim dressed and protected
  • Clean, polish and protect all stainless steel and chrome
  • Windows polished and sealed to aid water sheeting allowing for safer driving in wet conditions

Time spent on vehicle: Approx 1 — 3 Days
Prices from £350, depending on the size and condition of your vehicle.


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