Leather Care and Repair

Leather Care and Repair

Wax N Vax are LTT Leather trained technicians, receiving training from Judy Bass, one of the top leather consultants in the UK.

The LTT Leather training course provides an in depth understanding of the following:

  • What is leather and how is it produced?
  • Leather Identification
  • Cleaning Products and Processes
  • Colour Mixing
  • Minor Repairs Scuffs and Scratches
  • Grain Copying and Fillers
  • Leather Restoration and the Recolouring Process

Using trained methods and techniques, Wax N Vax offer a wide range of Leather Care and Repair services. If you have a specific issue with the leather in your vehicle, please get in touch to discuss how we may be able to help you.

Leather Touch Up

For repairing scuffs, scratches and colour loss e.g. worn seat bolsters.

leather care before
leather care after


Leather Ink Removal

Removes ink from all leathers such as Biro, permanent marker, fountain pen ink.


Leather Stain Removal

Removes all stains from all types of leather safely. Dye transfer from jeans clothes etc. Nail varnish and paint – juice – alcohol – foods etc


Leather Degreaser

Removes all grease and oil stains from leather, some of which are: grease marks from arms and head, greasy spills from foods e.g. pizza, kebabs etc. Plus any other grease or oil mark .


Leather re-colouring balm

For scuffed and faded leather from exposed sunlight or direct heat and is ideal for repairing minor scratches and re-colouring dried out and faded areas.


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