Swissvax Detailing

Swisswax Detailing

Swissvax UK offer a scheme of training and assessment of UK detailers who want to become Swissvax Approved

Wax N Vax is proud to be authorised by Swissvax, having reached the required level of competency and insurance requirements. Only specific, trained detailers are authorised by Swissvax UK and entitled to advertise their services as such.

In addition to the below, please get in touch to discuss any specific requirements you may have. Each of the services below and on our site can be tailored further to meet your requirements.

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Swissvax Posh Wash – From £40

Not just a car wash, this is a posh wash. This wash includes everything that we would normally do to look after your car, and in addition…

  • Full body work wash using Swissvax Car Bath (PH Neutral)
  • Paint work protected and enhanced with Nano Express

Swissvax Maintenance Detail – From £70

  • Full body work wash using Swissvax Car Bath (PH Neutral)
  • Wheels and Arches washed
  • Interior Vacuum
  • Windows Cleaned with Swissvax Crystal
  • Tyres Dressed with Swissvax Pneu/Pneu Glossy
  • Interior vents, dashboard and centre console cleaned

Swissvax Car Protection Detail – From £250

  • 3 step process paint protection including the following:
    • Paint rubber to remove contaminents from the paint
    • Step further with an IPA wipe down to remove any previous protection or chemicals
    • Swissvax Cleaner Fluid Regular applied by hand to pre cleanse the paint
  • A layer of Swissvax Shield wax to give it a deep mirrored shine and protection
  • Wheels sealed with Swissvax Autobahn
  • Interior clean and protected

Swisswax Upgrades

  • Engine Bay Detail using Swissvax Engine and protect with Motor Shine – from £50 plus VAT
  • Convertible roof treatment using Swissvax’s revolutionary Lotos Roof treatment, we first clean the roof with Swissvax Fabric and then re-proof. From £150 plus VAT

Contact us for more details…