Paint Correction

Paint Correction

Paint correction takes car detailing to the next level. For almost every car on the road, correcting paint imperfections will make a huge difference.

Paint correction aims to remove what look like swirls in paintwork using a machine to finely polish and enhance the paintwork.

Before beginning any paint correction, we review the car with the customer to establish the current condition of the paint (including checking the paint depth) and the requirements of the customer.

What follows is a three stage process:

Clean & Decontaminate
The single most important step in any paint correction process is to ensure the car is clean. We don’t just mean give it a wash either, it must be free from bugs, tar, bird lime – anything that would be between the paint and the chosen equipment for your car.

At this point, we can begin correcting the paintwork. Following discussions with a customer, we can make single or multiple passes of the paintwork. Typically, we conduct a “one stage” or a “two stage” which is to say the car will have had one or two passes over each panel with a rotary machine polisher.

Finally, now the paintwork has been lovingly restored, we protect it. Using our experience we discuss with the customer their needs, and the needs of their paintwork. We can then select from our range of sealants, waxes and ceramic protections to ensure the work is locked in for as long as possible.

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